In the unfortunate event of a personal injury, a person is under a great deal of physical pain and emotional distress. An experienced and professional personal injury attorney can help you focus on your medical treatment instead of medical billing and expenses, coordinating with insurance, handling property damage, and many other similar concerns. Often, the loss of wages and lost earning capacity are added burdens. When injured in an accident, your focus and attention should be on healing both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, receiving compensation that is fair for injury or death can be an exceptionally complex process. Navigating the paperwork, the legal process, and the required evidence to protect one’s rights adds to the load an individual must carry.

When it comes to personal injury, knowing how to proceed, how to prepare for trial, and how to ensure that you are compensated appropriately requires knowledge, experience, and skill. Most individuals are simply unable to produce all that is required for suitable legal representation, especially in conjunction with the many other struggles they face. It is through these experiences that a caring, dedicated, and thorough personal injury lawyer can provide all that is needed to negotiate a proper settlement on your behalf.

A personal injury lawyer offers the knowledge of the legal process, the experience through successful representation, the support team to manage your case, and the expertise to negotiate for your benefit. A quality personal injury lawyer can be a significant benefit to ensure you receive what should be rightfully yours. Insurance companies may work against you to limit their expense. Having a lawyer working for you is an important method of dealing with any insurance pushback.

Personal injury attorneys at Ribstein & Hogan are experienced, compassionate, and responsive professionals here to help guide you. We represent injured clients throughout South Dakota.

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