Title IX was enacted in 1972 to protect students from discrimination based on gender. This was part of broad education reform and created various departments in the Federal Government to ensure university compliance with Title IX.

The measure exists to protect students from any unfair treatment relating to admission, extracurricular activities and includes protection from harassment and sexual violence. The failure of a public university to adequately protect a student amounts to non-compliance with Title IX, and can, in egregious circumstances, result in a university losing all federal funding. This penalty is rarely if ever imposed, and universities often are forced to make changes to their policies and often made to pay substantial damages to those who have been injured as a result of either sexual discrimination or harassment.

Anyone who decides to bring a civil suit for a Title IX violation deserves adequate and passionate representation, who seek to hold the universities to their responsibilities to protect their students. Ribstein & Hogan Law Firm can assist anyone who believes there has been an act of sex-based discrimination, harassment, or violence in filing a Title IX complaint. This complaint must be filed within 180 days of the discrimination. Often, the complaint will begin in the university’s internal grievance process. During that time, there is no need to worry about the 180-day clock running out. Following the resolution of the internal grievance process, a person can still file a complaint within 60 days.

A person should not fear to file a Title IX complaint. The schools have a responsibility to protect the individual from retaliation. Failure to do so can result in even harsher consequences. The school is legally prohibited from doing anything to discourage a complainant from continuing his or her education. This protects victims from being denied opportunities while a matter is pending. This is often accomplished by a no-contact directive.

Ribstein & Hogan Law Firm will passionately advocate for you should you choose to assert a violation of Title IX against a school. Our attorneys will advise you as to how to protect your ability to file suit if you pursue the internal grievance process, as well as protecting you from retaliation. Should a school fail to adequately comply with Title IX, Ribstein & Hogan can assist you in seeking not only changes to internal policies and procedures at the school, but also financial compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.


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