The attorneys at Ribstein & Hogan serve as attorneys to personal representatives and beneficiaries throughout eastern South Dakota in the administration of a decedent's estate. We also represent executors and beneficiaries in probate litigation such as will contests.

Probate is the legal process of settling a person's estate after death. In South Dakota, the person responsible for the probate process is called a personal representative.

South Dakota probate can be simple or complex, depending on the decedent's assets and the amount of planning that was done. Many assets can be distributed directly to beneficiaries, including life insurance benefits, stock accounts with beneficiary designations, real estate held in transfer on death deeds and assets held in trusts.

Probate and Estate administration refers to the process of probating the estate of a decedent, which generally includes collecting, inventorying and appraising assets; gathering and paying debts; filing and paying final tax returns and estate taxes; and distributing any remaining assets to beneficiaries. The experienced probate and estate administration attorneys of Ribstein & Hogan help simplify this complicated process and handle probate cases throughout South Dakota.

Guiding an estate through the probate process and effectively administering that estate requires a keen understanding of probate and tax laws. If you need help administering an estate, contact an attorney at Ribstein & Hogan today.


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